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Pure Home Couture

The birth of pure

In the fabulous 80's, fashion designer Abby Kanak's career soared and celebs like Sarah McLachlan, Kirsty Alley and Goldie Hawn wore her dresses.  But lives were forever changed when her and husband Steven McDuffee's daughter Pallas, now 21 and profoundly challenged, suffered a brain injury just days after she was born.  "After many difficult years, we decided to turn all of our pain and passion into something life-affirming" says  Abby and voila...Pure Home Couture was created.   In 2002, the haute Home & Gift shop on Hamilton's Locke Street South began.

couture for the home

Climb the stairs to Pure Home Couture and be transported to a Montmartre-esque loft space with soaring beamed ceilings and worn wooden floors.  You are at once struck by the grandeur of faded elegance, the beauty of imperfection and the relaxed style.  Sparkling chandeliers twinkle above French Armoires and lovely harvest tables are brimming with abundance and the promise of springtime in Paris.  Reminiscent of some old world apothecary, your senses are awakened by the meanderings of Lavender, traces of Blood Orange or White Lilac.

A pristine paradise of 3000 sq ft where small personal indulgences like luxury soaps are piled high atop pretty cake plates and other-worldly mannequins display blingy baubles.  A crackled antique mirror, a book about Paris Patisseries or an odd chair with a lady like tea towel  thoughtfully draped over it's arm.  Vintage sideboards house unique perfumes, lotions, soaps, candles, home fragrances, jewelry, organic skincare, glassware, dishes or something adorable for baby.  A lifestyle store filled with charming stuff that makes life sweeter. Pure is a place where any modern day Aesthete or Marie Antoinette herself would feel entirely at home. 

vive la pure

Pure has evolved into a mini department store over the years, filled with sought after collections from around the world. The lines we stock are celebrated with an almost cult-like status,  are made proudly of the highest quality ingredients while being kind to the body and conscious of the environment.  Anxiety free shopping in an atmosphere of service and gratitude, Pure is the antithesis of the big box store.  Affordable, small indulgences that are pure joy to give and pure heaven to receive.