Crowdfunding Discount Gift Card

Exciting news!

We are taking the plunge and opening up a Pure Pop-up at CF Limeridge Mall in Hamilton! The construction on Locke Street has been challenging but we have decided to use this opportunity to showcase our products at a highly accessible location. We have secured an amazing location at the South West end of the mall and things are moving along quickly. The magic starts now with our opening estimated in early July. Stay tuned for details. Don't worry, we are not abandoning ship on our beloved Locke Street. We will be temporarily closing through the worst part of the construction and re-opening when things are better. We will stay open til the end of June and keep you posted about when we re-open.

Looking back at our journey from the little shop on Locke in 2002 to the existing loft space down the street and the birth of our own Apothecary brand, we know we couldn't have done it without you! Did you know that we wholesale our brand to over 50 amazing retailers across Canada and the US? So great that people love and support us from all over but we want to serve our local customers better.

You gotta know that we love Hamilton ... we created a candle collection celebrating landmarks all over the city! Yep, Hamilton is near and dear to our heart and that is why we are asking for your help.

Join us in the start-up of the new Pure at Limeridge with your crowdfunding support. The purchase of this limited time Gift Card offer gives you a deep discount and allows us the opportunity to sparkle in beautiful Hamilton.

Online offer expires July 15, 2019 + In-store offer expires June 30, 2019 

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